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Van 17 juni tot en met 13 juli loopt er een Weeelectric-actie in het Gooi. Mensen kunnen afgedankte elektrische apparaten inleveren bij het mobiele scheidingsstation van GAD. Zij ontvangen dan bij het inleveren van een apparaat een attentie in de vorm van een bewaarblikje pepermunt. Data en locatie's vinden mensen op de site van GAD. Nog werkende apparaten kunnen mensen naar de Kringloopwinkelcontainer brengen op de milieustraat.


Woensdag 17 april was de opening van een gloednieuw afvalbrengstation van onze partner HVC. Leerlingen van basisschool De Wielen telden af en met een grote zwaai gooiden wethouder Arno Janssen en Gertjan de Waard, directeur HVC, een tuinstoel en een kruk in de bak voor harde kunststoffen. Het was het eerste afval dat werd ingeleverd op het nieuwe afvalbrengstation in Papendrecht. 

Registratie en recycling professionele keuken

Tijdens horecavakbeurs Horecava is het kennisplatform gelanceerd. Op dit onafhankelijk kennisplatform vinden ondernemers en keukenprofessionals tips en een overzicht van alle essentiële apparatuur voor het inrichten van een professionele keuken. Daarnaast vinden bezoekers op handvatten om te voldoen aan de actuele wetgeving op het gebied van onder andere hygiëne, onderhoud, duurzaamheid en energie.


Van 22 december tot en met 5 januari liep een succesvolle Weeelectric-actie in Harderwijk. Je kon apparaten inleveren bij de Weeelectric-bak op het milieupark.


From today onwards, residents in all of Rotterdam are allowed to hand over old, small electrical appliances to Cycloon Fietskoeriers Rotterdam when a parcel is delivered to their door by a bike courier. Residents who have ordered a package will receive an email notification about this unique service that takes place during the evening routes. This makes Rotterdam the first municipality in the Netherlands where every household is able to give old appliances, such as electric toothbrushes and coffee machines, to bike couriers. 


On 15 August, the regulation on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) was amended. An important change is that the scheme now covers products that were previously exempted (the ‘Open scope’), as well as products for which the classification used to be unclear. A good example of this is cables.


The European Commission and the EU Member States have reached an agreement on the ecodesign of refrigerators. Consumers should be able to repair them easily. In December and January, negotiations are taking place between the European Commission (EC) and the EU Member States on the ecodesign of various so-called energy-related product groups. In addition to refrigerators, this includes lighting, washing machines, televisions, displays and dishwashers.


From the 15thof August there are changes to the Regulation on discarded electrical and electronic equipment. There are six categories of electrical and electronic equipment. Some equipment is no longer classified by type, but by size. Finally, more exceptions will come into effect from this date. As a result, more products are generally covered by the regulations (this is called the 'open scope'). This means that all products that contain an electrical or electronic element will from now on be regarded as equipment.


Every country in Europe has its own WEEE, Battery and/or Packaging registration system. Some countries have only one system, others have several. Every system has its own procedures and registration costs. Weee Nederland makes sure that you are registered correctly in every country and with this you have just one contact for all countries. We tell you all about it in this article.


Last year 30 million kilos of old appliances were collected by us. A total of 166 million kilos of discarded appliances were collected and registered in the Netherlands last year. That is 44% of the sold weight. If solar panels are left out, the return percentage is 49%.


As of 15 August 2018, there will be a legislative amendment whereby new categories must be applied in the reporting of EEE. This change can have an impact on the products you need to report. It may even happen that you have to report products that did not have to be reported before. New equipment are for example household fixtures and e-bikes. Household fixtures will be in category 5, small appliances. E-bikes are in category 4, large appliances. The Dutch government applies this amendment from January 2019.


In line with our continuous growth and at the request of our business relations, we will start the collection of (LED) lamps and luminaires from 2019 onwards. We will make use of our effective collection channels. We would like to welcome you as a participant at the producer collective Weee Nederland starting from 1/1/2019. We are an innovative collection system for producers / importers of electrical and electronic equipment waste. We emphasize the social responsibility of waste collection, practical and innovative collection solutions and an efficient way of implementation.


The National Weee Register has published the numbers over 2016. The amount of reporting producers and processors has risen in 2016. More individual producers have joined the collectives. The EEE (Electrical and Electronic Equipment) has, again, risen with 10% in 2016. The reported amount of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) has risen 7% in 2016. The collection result over 2016 is 45%. This is in accordance to the legal minimum. In 2016 is the distance to achieve the target of a collection rate of 65% more than 68.000 tonnes. 


Starting Monday consumers can give their old appliances to the parcel services company.  This is a pilot that starts in a part of Groningen with small electrical appliances, like electric toothbrushes and coffeemakers. The pilot is an initiative of Weee Nederland in cooperation with PostNL and under the name Weeelectric. 


In August we were looking for a junior consultant participants. We are happy to announce that we have found this junior. Koen Olde Hanter will as of now join our team and he is going to advise Dutch and foreign companies on the European WEEE, Packaging and Battery directives. 


The 22nd of September a group of potential producer partners had breakfast at the Apeldoorn sorting centre of Weee Nederland. While eating Reint Sekhuis, director of Weee Nederland, gave a small presentation. After breakfast it was time for a tour of the sorting center. Weee Nederland accommodates the sorting process with people with a participation disadvantage. The sorting process aims to add value both financially as environmentally. After the tour, we had animated discussions about business challenges and chances - including the topic WEEE. 


Let us introduce the E-waste Arcades! At an E-waste Arcade you can deposit your old mobile phone and you will be rewarded with games. The machines will be stationed at (elementary) schools. The Arcades are for 100% made out of E-waste and sustainable wood. 


In the latest edition of 'Recycling magazine' you will find a interview with our Reint Sekhuis. If you want to see the article, please click here.


Research shows that Dutch people know little about the recycling of electrical appliances. They are willing to recycle, but do wonder whether it is useful. Will all waste not be thrown on the same pile, eventually? Weee Nederland has been actively approaching the consumer with educational concepts such as the e-waste race. With this, we raise consumer awareness. Aditionally, we host the website This website provides answers to frequently asked questions concerning waste. Please feel free to contribute new questions.


For you as a producer and / or importer is good to know that the cost of registration in the national WEEE register will be at your expense. Up until 2014, the costs of the register were borne by the producer collectives. From 2015 on, producers will be responsible for bearing the costs. These are €200,00 per producer a year. You have received the invoice for these expenses through us.


Per 2016 Weee Netherlands serves 62 municipalities. Our partner Virol, a recycling firm in the North of the Netherlands is the new collector in eight additional villages and cities. 


All collective systems have agreed to use a new protocol to verify the Put On Market data of producers. As collective take-back system we are required to follow protocol so we can demonstrate to the government that the registered volumes are correct. Also, the verified data is used for clearing. The protocol distinguishes the following producercatagories:


The Dutch Inspectorate (ILT) will continue to check your Put On Market data. ILT finds self-regulation of the market not sufficient. They will keep checking individual manufacturers and importers. The enforcement of regulations on companies that, knowlingly or unknowlingly, choose not to register (free-riders) seems also to have intensified.


Together with plastics processor Coolrec PHB we have started a pilot project to achieve a higher-quality application of recycled plastics of vacuum cleaners. The plastics in this specific type of WEEE can endure very high and low temperatures. Once mixed with other plastics, these qualities are lost.


As of February 1, 2016 Article 4 of the WEEE regulation changes. This amendment specifies the collection obligation for online sales. Distributors must from now on offer consumers the possibility to return their old appliances at delivery, to collect them at a later date or to send them to an address or PO box.


Weee Nederland has welcomed our 200th partner in 2015. Liebherr, Alecto, Karcher, Stanley Black & Decker, Edco, Amazon and many more have chosen Weee Nederland as their business partner. A warm welcome to all! In various branches our market share increased significantly. 


Together with Circulus-Berkel, a recycler in the East of the Netherlands, we started a new project. In the ‘Dutch e-waste centre’ in Apeldoorn, e-waste will be sorted and dismantled. On January 26th, we kicked off by opening the first container filled with regionally collected waste electronic and electrical equipment. This collaboration creates social employment opportunities and aims at people with a distance to the labour market. 


The Weee Nederland team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


We are very excited and proud that we have launched the English part of our website this morning! Welcome to all interested parties! Some parts are still being updated and translated, but from now on the non-Dutch speaking part of the world can also see and learn what kind of work we do at Weee Nederland.